Friday, April 4, 2008

The children's new responsibilities........

This is Meggie she is 6 weeks old.

This is the pregnant mama Charlotte.

Peter and Jens put up pens in front of our porch, so we can see our new Nubien goats out our family room windows. We love how personable they are.......They follow the kids around the yard. They wag their tails like dogs, very sociable! No babies from Charlotte yet :)

It was an exciting day today Charlotte couldn't have timed giving birth better, it was right in between the morning and afternoon general conference session.....The children are used to kittens that come into the world that don't do very much. They love how the new baby goats already wag their tails, and walk etc.
The children weren't hungry for lunch (except for Dain who loves his carbs) though after all the fluids that came out during the birthing process. Too much fluid for Jens....hee hee

Meet Belle

and.......Joe-Joe (male) Children liked that name from Horton hears a Who...We like his camoflage color.

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The Kentucky Lifferth Family said...

Those goats look so cute! I bet the children are really loving having them around!