Friday, April 4, 2008

Peter celebrated his birthday March 19th. 38, is it possible? Time is going fast. He is a good husband....protective, loving, honest, perfect for me, there isn't a bad bone in his body! I love how he knows how to fix things. I love watching him drive the tractors around. It cracks me up when he mows our lawn with a tractor. Something trivial you may not know about him? He never has cavaties! (He brushes with Dial (gold) soap.)
I made a little video of some pictures of him below. I just can't get the music right to his video though. I can't find music that describes or fits him....I AM OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS!

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Megan said...

really DIAL soap! that is disgusting. I've only had 2 cavaties so I'll stick to crest.