Thursday, January 17, 2008

I think some of my bad luck rubbed off on Peter! He was in a car accident almost a week after me. He slid on the ice and wrapped the right side of his pick-up around a telephone pole. The Bishop wanted him to call some priests and take them to clear the sidewalks at the church for a funeral the next day. He thought it was too foggy and slick out and just went himself.

I have a hard time believing him sometimes, I don't know why. He called right after his accident and told me about it and I thought he was pulling my leg. He was mad but seemed so calm.....he is just hard to read sometimes! He still claims he isn't hurt. I just went for a massage myself though...ah very nice. Can you believe there is someone that comes to Mattawa to massage people? I am trying to get Peter to far no luck.

Peter told me he was going to tell everyone I wrecked both vehicles! Nice....Yeah our Suburban and Pickup look interesting parked next to each other in front of our house. I really need to get a picture of them before they get fixed.

The other big news is...

I found a cute white wrought iron bunkbed set on craigslist and we got it for the girls. great price and great quality. The girls have been sharing a King and lately we have been having to many problems. Clarissa's Autistic side will flare up sometimes and cause too much stress on both girls. One morning we heard a fight break out and realized that Clarissa had forced a sleeping Isabella out of bed so she could make it. (making the bed is part of Clarissa's routine she likes to follow). Now we can laugh about it now, but at the time I felt bad for both girls.

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