Saturday, January 5, 2008

I have a healthier respect for black ice. I feel very fortunate the three youngest and I are here alive and without any broken bones or stitches. Just all black and blue and so sore! I was headed to Othello (45 min. away) when I tried breaking for a corner in the road, fishtailed a few times, did a 360 and ended up the opposite way I was driving down in the borrow pit with the suburban landing on its side. (Peter thought the suburban held up pretty well) As soon as the forces stopped I looked behind to make sure I saw all the children's faces. They seemed fine until they unbuckled and fell to the bottom of the suburban (that was when they probably realized we were on our side).......and I will never forget the scared looks on their faces and their scared sounding voices and cries. They scrambled up to me and I unrolled my window and lifted them up and out of the Suburban. Then two men happened upon our misery and helped pull us all down from the suburban. They were very kind, gave us their coats and another woman came and gave us her flares. The men put them up and cautioned everyone going by that it was slick. I have often thought that if I were in an accident and hurting how horrible it would be to wait for so long before any medical attention arrived. After this accident I realized that time doesn't seem to exist and in some ways speeds up a little. Anyway, Peter and Jens were about to leave for Yakima to play racquetball when his first cell phone call that was breaking up, it went something like this..."wife, car on its side, got the kids out, just got wife out" and then nothing else. Peter had his own trauma in getting to us. But when he did make it to us he had the flat tire of the suburban fixed and we were out of that pit within 20 mins! Peter kept sending Jens back to the pick-up to get things for changing the tire, he was a big help, and I was glad there was at least one of my children ok and able to help.
The children are still talking about it. I assume church should be interesting tomorrow as all their teachers in Sunday school will probably get an earful. :) It is fast Sunday and we will all be fasting in gratitude for our safety.

Side note: I wonder about how our lives are connected. My Dad (Indiana) said as he was serving in the temple on Friday and he had a distinct impression, time stood still and he looked down at his watch and it was 8:15... We figured from cell phone calls that was probably when the accident occurred.
Also Isabella had the same nightmare three nights in a row before the accident, each time waking me up and telling me she had the same nightmare. Thursday night Peter woke too and Isabella told him about the dream....He reassured her that she would be safe and we would always come and find her.........Her dream......that she was standing on the road looking for her family and waiting for them to come and find her. Friday night after the accident she said standing out in the street after the accident waiting for Peter to come reminded her of her dream. I wonder if Peters reassurance middle of Thursday night was a way of giving her confidence and comfort that he would take care of her as she was the one who was the most upset after the accident.

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