Monday, May 18, 2009

Women's Conference 2009

This year I went with my Best friend Staleen. We had many adventures, one of them being we ran out of gas (we were distracted by the scenery, 0r talking something like that!) A kind Schwann man came to our rescue and brought us some gas from the nearby gas station. We had a good laugh.
All of the speakers at the conference did an amazing job. So much time and effort was spent on preparing their messages and it showed. I loved being there. It was my fifth year and I can't imagine missing a year. I am strengthened and learn so much each year.

Lisa Brown (daughter to Margaret Lifferth) and I...we are second cousins

Me, Margie Lifferth, and Staleen

Elaine Dalton and I
Staleen and I on the first day.

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Hokanson Family said...

I thought I was your BFF?????