Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"I'm a mean 'ole LION!"

Jens was recently in a play. He really enjoyed preparing for it, memorizing his lines and performing in it. He was very successful in delivering his lines so all could hear. He was very enjoyable to watch because of how well he embraced his character. He was well casted for the part since he was such a humorous lion. Many people think Jens is shy....you wouldn't think that about him after watching him perform. He was great fun to watch. Here are a few photos from it. Note: the facial hair is make-up....It was kind of a shock for us to see him with it the first time.....hee hee.


Frisbies Forever said...


The TAUFA'S said...

When I talked to Jens, I could tell of his excitement for doing the play. Well done Jens!

Deborama said...

That is awesome! Marinda just got into the drama club at school, she is excited!