Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a nice Christmas, as they reflected upon the birth of our Saviour and enjoyed family and friends.

Ours Christmas was good. We felt blessed to be in a warm home, yummy food and happy children. We only had one accident so far this year (2009) instead of two like last year(2008), so that is always a bonus :)

Jens, a freshman, who will turn 15 on Jan. 25th is enjoying theater. He enjoys plays and performing. He has talent that we look forward to seeing him improve even more these next three years. His teenage humor and antics are emerging and bringing us joy. He takes out the garbage and does his homework with out being asked each day. He enjoys his motorbike and our new dog... Milkshake.
He played football this past fall and enjoyed some of the practices and some of the games, but he would rather spend his time on other things. Luckily he is still into building things, Legos, (not girls as much...yeah! for now) and a fun night for him would be spent with his friends and an Xbox 360. He built a goat ramp for the goats that they love. He cut hay and bailed it up this past summer for his Dad. He asked for a phone for Christmas. Santa didn't bring one but, Clarissa, who drew his name this year surprised him with one.
He also asked for and received his patriarchal blessing this past year. It was a neat experience for him, his parents and grandparents. I like watching him read it and digest it. Listening to the blessing humbled me, he has a lot of potential. It is a neat thing to go into his room at night and see him reading his scriptures in bed. He will be attending driver's ed this coming year and getting his driver's license next year. We know our time is limited with him and we are starting to feel a little anxious. He has a desire to serve a mission and go to college.

Clarissa, 5th grade, just turned 11. We are excited for her! The last three months we have seen her mature and grow past some of the Autism. She has increased eye contact and socialization. She is doing better with conversations. She is getting really good at expressing herself and how she feels. We are working on her voice volume as she does this, if you know what I mean :) She still suffers from anxiety and getting past something she wants to do, versus what a teacher or therapist desires. She is funny and has a great memory, compelled to tell the truth and follow routines. She will unload the dishwasher each day without complaining and rarely being asked. She enjoys watching T.V. , especially America's Funniest Home Videos and going to see movies. She loves Milkshake, the four goats and three cats. Every week she and I drive an hour away for one hour of speech therapy and occupational therapy. We both enjoy this time together. She is enjoying her new friend Ivree and loves her cousins. This past Christmas we learned she is very good at Disney Scene It. She will see a brief clip from some movie and everyone else will be clueless, but she will know which movie it is from. She will go to Mutual next year....GASP!

E. Dain, 4th grade, turned 9 this past summer. He is the peaceful one in the home. Always having the desire to do as his parents and teachers say.Though at times can be critical of those who don't follow the rules...something we are working on. He excels in his school work. He is in the gifted class with many subjects in school, he is a smart little guy and knows alot. He has always been and continues to be a source of enjoyment and usually always happy....but when he is sad and cries, it is earth shaking and the Heavens pour down the rain to mourn with him, it seems. He is quite the chef and will make some impressive things. Food makes him very happy and he will make his family members happy by making them meals. I came home from somewhere on day and he had made the meal for Peter and the children. He has many friends at school and is perfect for his sisters who each need him in different ways. He is very doting on them. He is best friends with his brother Jens. With Jens' increased time in being away from home, Dain found this to be a huge trial this past yr. and really missed his brother. He is adjusting to seeing less of his older brother now ~tear~. He is a brute, physically, and I am glad he wouldn't want to hurt me, because if he ever wanted to ram his head into my abdomen he would probably do some serious damage. Lucky for me he is a gentle giant. He loves scouts every Wed. and helps Jens with the trash..emptying all the trash in the house on Saturdays.

Isabella, 2nd grade, just turned 7 this past summer. She is looking forward to being baptized on her next birthday. She can be very loving, always giving hugs. I recently asked her who she thought was beautiful. She said "MY MOM"! I am happy to say she has good taste :) She has a great sense of style like her sister and she loves clothes, hats, makeup and dressing up to go to town, purse and all. She tends to need the most attention and at times really stumps and perplexes me. We don't know if it is just her, or, if it is because she is the baby of the family....maybe both. She has a talent of sensing what others are feeling and what they need. She has recently started helping me cut vegetables for dinner each night and she and I have both been pleased with this arrangement. She also helps Clarissa unload the dishwasher and if she feels like cleaning, she is an amazing cleaner. She is the best at irritating her brothers and sisters, especially Jens (they have a love/hate relationship).We are starting to see lots of DRAMA coming from her little mind through her moods. Life, either good or bad, seems to be intensified 100 percent for her. She would prefer to not work or go to school unless it is her idea, so this year has been some what of a trial. She usually comes around. (Yikes--Dad and Mom you are probably laughing right now and saying PAYBACK!--please stop! :) Yes, she might be the one that will help me to become more patient. She is quite the skip-bo player and wants to play it often as a family. She loves it when the family is together. She can't wait until she can start attending achievement days next summer. She enjoys coloring, making love notes for us and anything creative.

Peter and I are going to celebrate 16 years of marriage this coming February. We have learned alot from each other and love each other very much.
I enjoy watching him smile in the evenings as I tell him of the cute things the children have done or said. Peter is a hard worker and recently took on a two month job (during his break from farming) at the school to help pay the bills. He loves his family and says his greatest fear would be disappointing me or the children. He serves as the Young Men's president in our ward. This is great because he and Jens both go to Mutual on Wed. nights together as I stay home with the rest of the children. He enjoys farming especially when he is out on his tractor listening to a book on his ipod. He enjoys playing games with his parents and siblings. He cares for everyone and wants the best for everyone.

I am happy. Since 2006, life has been a upward climb for me. Life has felt hard with a miscarriage, appendectomy soon after, pain from Adenomyosis (scar tissue attaching and pulling apart uterus....searing, burning), an abdominal hysterectomy, anxiety after surgery and finally a year worth of finding the right balance of prescribed hormones. Many other trials came on top of all of this and Peter said one night....Wow, you have really been through it.

LIFE FEELS GREAT right now. I feel happier and more excited about life. I have been enjoying the gym at my home and up at the school. Thanks to the hysterectomy I can enjoy the physical activity. I am going to start training for a 5 K.

I serve in the Stake Y.W presidency. It is the best calling and I love the women I serve with. I have also taken on several catering jobs this past year and have enjoyed the creative part of it is all in the details and ambiance. I have really enjoyed my children, husband and family this past year. I also enjoy blogging and reuniting with friends and family on Face Book.



I love this post. Only one accident this year?! Didn't it just start?! We are so happy to know you all.

lissiemarie said...

You have a beautiful and quickly growing up family. I am so glad trials are subsiding for you! You are a beautiful and giving person. Thanks for all you gave to me.

The TAUFA'S said...

The kids grow up fast don't they. I enjoy your letter. It was a good thought and reminded me that I haven't done either a end of the year (Christmas letter) or a new year letter as well. I'm busy back at work and trying to enjoy it.

Frisbies Forever said...

Isn't it crazy that we have children the SAME age we were when we used to see each other? I am so proud of you and I am sitting here tears freely flowing down my face as I realize the blessings of peace we enjoy from living the gospel and the unique strength our families enjoy. You are an inspiration to me and I think you are still so funny! I love you!

Deborama said...

Yeah, that was so fun! I feel like we just had a conversation on the couch, too bad I couldn't eat your food while we did it! :) Your such a fabulous Mom and wife! It's hard to be so far away (all the kids crazyiness makes it feel hundreds of miles) while you went through all that stuff! Your so positive, an inspiration!

Brooke said...

I enjoyed your letter. I am so glad you are on the upward climb!