Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jens requested Acetylene bombs for his birthday. The booms got progressively louder from one balloon to six. The video is of the sixth. You could hear it echo off the mountain and feel it under your shoes. It really startled me. But Jens and the other boys loved it.

Happy 15th birthday Jens!


Carolyn said...

How scary! Happy birthday Jens! I can't believe he is already 15. I remember when you had him.

lissiemarie said...

You have a very grown up boy and it continues to surprise me. I am stuck in the mind set of the young boy he was when we moved there. Glad your doing well and happy!

Deborama said...

Wow you guys are the coolest parents! :) Happy Birthday! 15 sounds SO much older than 14. Austin isn't going to turn 15 I decided. 15 that sounds so old! :(