Friday, July 11, 2008

Returning to work after 25 years.... video

my dad sent this clip to me, great laugh, Thanks Dad.

Peter and I had Clarissa and Jens watch it to see if they understood the technological difference. They must have seen people using the old typewriters in movies because they both understood her problem!


Michelle said...

Very funny. I'm going to have to sent this link to my mom. Your blog is wonderful. It's so nice to catch up with families by reading their blogs.

Deborama said...

that was so funny! Im on the phone with Megan and trying to explain it to her. She is dying without internet. That Vampire party sounds fun at B&N. Let me know when it is. Im team Edward, I like that Jacob is hot (heatwise) I don't like Edwards stone cold body but I like him as a husband more than Jacob. We are such nerds! :)