Thursday, November 6, 2008

I love this picture of Clarissa. I always wonder what is on her mind. I love it when she is happy, because life is so hard for her.

Halloween pics: Here is Isabella as a Chinese princess and her friend Ashley as the cheer leader.

Clarissa as the painter. She painter her smock a little at a time the whole month of October anticipating Halloween.

It was a weird Halloween, as it was Jens' first year not dressing up and Dain was with Granny and Papa in Disneyland.
So it was just the girls and I. We went to the church for the party there and then did a little trick-or-treating in Desert Aire. Clarissa isn't as greedy as Isabella with the getting of the goods and wanted to go home after a few houses. We talked her into a few more and then a few more. But when she was done, SHE WAS DONE! :)


The TAUFA'S said...

Clarissa and Isabella look like they are in their element. I hope they had a good Halloween.

Carolyn said...

Clarissa is beautiful. Wow!

Deborama said...

Clarissa looks so grown up! Gorgeous too! Scary for you Mom! Cute halloween pics, and I love all your food stuff, your sooooo talented!