Sunday, November 2, 2008

2004 Wahluke Ward Harvest Dinner Memories:

America, Brenda, Lexi and Emily (not pictured Sol, Lindsay, many married women helped also, lots of hands and hearts) Sorry picture is dark!

The meat:

Prepping, the day before and feeding our children:

Hardworkers! washing pumpkins to use as tureens for the cream of pumpkin soup

Emily and Lexi:
Thanks to "my" beehives who are now Laurels who want to do another Harvest Dinner with me in 2008!
2008 Wahluke Ward Harvest Dinner menu:

Cream of Pumpkin Soup

Salad (homemade ranch and french dressing)

Homemade Rolls

Baked Potato (individual containers at each place setting with sour cream/butter/green onions/bacon bits)

B-B-Q boneless Ribs
Peter and I searched for these photos after a meeting we just had planning out a remake of the Harvest Dinner. My friend Staleen is in charge of activities in our ward and she had fond memories of this dinner in 2004 and wanted to do it again. In 2004 I was serving in our ward YW with the Beehives and thought they could help and learn a few things about making a dinner for lots of people. (Personal Progress activities :)

I will do better at taking more pictures of the progress this year. These events are alot of work but so worth it when people enjoy themselves. It is all in the details and the little bit of extra effort.


The Gallacci Family said...

I'm excited for the dinner. Let me help, I don't ever get asked to help, either I'm completely inept or everyone is nervous to ask the bishops wife to do anything, but I'm volunteering.

Carolyn said...

Those girls are not allowed to be behives. I bet I have babysat each and everyone of them at one time and not they care able to babysit my kids...Not Allowed! lol

Heidi said...

Sounds yummy. Wahluke harvest dinners are always the best. My fav is tri tip steak (my mouth is watering!).