Friday, September 5, 2008

She baffles us!

Yesterday in town Isabella kept telling me she was itching....I kept telling her I was sorry and there wasn't anything I could do for her so keep it to herself...I know I get the Mother of the Year award. I took notice in Target when she itched her arm and below it a huge welt like in the pictures. We ran and got Benadryl from the Pharmacy and took her to the Dr.

She awoke worse this morning with the rash spreading to her extremities and face. We are headed to town for some lab work and the Dr. soon. We don't know what it is. Viral or Allergy. I suspect it was the shellfish Clarissa ate for lunch yesterday, Isabella helped shell it for her.
Poor Isabella!


Megan said...

Wow!! That is bad! Did you get it figured out yet? I have a local phone number now so call my cell and I'll tell it to you.

The TAUFA'S said...

I hope it is allergy and not something else. Hopefully, you will have an answer soon.