Friday, August 15, 2008

Two weeks?

Where did all of the time go?

My sister came to visit....we went to the waterpark for Isabella's birthday, I got over a UTI, My sister and I went to the temple and Outback, Dakota's baptism, Yorgesen family reunion, Jax's baby blessing, "camping" at Mike and Jenny's, Michie learning to ride a motorbike, swimming in the pond, celebrated Frans' birthday and then off to the Raddison for some swimming, sleepover, pizza and a shuttle ride to the airport the next day so we could be with my sister as long as possible before she went through security. I felt so helpless watching her go through pregnant, with three small children, suffering from a migraine and nausea. So sad... and sad to see them go.

Brick and I.....Jens and the birthday girl, Moses Lake water park

Clarissa wanted to know if we could wrap people like presents? Brick and Londyn were good subjects for the experiment.......

Jens left for a 38- miler.....we learned a few things from this i.e. tell mom before the night of, that you need "camping" food for the next three days...hmmmm
He may be almost 15 but it is still hard to say goodbye to him.

He was in good hands with Bro. Sabin and Bro. Acoste (below). I am always grateful for my children's leaders and teachers for all of their time, talents and energies. Thank-You! (Craig Sabin below in green, and his wife, have visited my parents in Columbus, Inidana when they went to pick up his son from the Indianapolis mission. Small world.)


Deborama said...

Scott and Austin just left this morning for scout camp! :( A whole week without them is so long. Those long hikes sound so hard, how did he do? :) Austin is supposed to do the 50 miler next year. Im glad they don't have women leaders cause Im more of a three miler kind of girl! :)

Brian & Haley Webb said...

Sounds like it has been tiring. Do you have any pictures of Michie, or does she have a blog? I haven't seen her in forever!