Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pool Par-tay-

Clarissa so looks forward to anything Achievement Days. (I love our church's programs!)

When I first moved to Mattawa 15 years ago, GiGi Calaway and I were the first Achievement Days leaders. (The program was just started in the church for the tweens 8-12) Being a leader took some effort, but as my daughter goes to the activities I have a lot of appreciation for her leaders.

Also I hope they know how much Clarissa anticipates the activities. The pictures are from their annual pool party, this past Tuesday.

Getting Ready to pick up her friend Ivree....

swimsuit on, check.....towel, check.....glasses that turn into sunglasses, check.....Doritos, check........cookies, check

Clarissa and Ivree

Their sisters who wished they were eight,old enough, for the Par-tay!

Pool Party!
Megan, Abby, Clarissa, Ruby, Morgan, Julie, Ivree and Audra


rohit said...

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Michelle said...

Such cute pictures, and I said, "Hey, there are my neices!"

Michelle said...
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Heidi said...

Looks like fun times! I've been an activity day leader and it's like mini-mutual for the girls. I liked it.

The Kentucky Lifferth Family said...

I love it "glasses that turn into sunglasses Check." I think that is so funny! Meghan and Abby love those activities too- in fact they look forward to them! We sure miss you guys. Give that Clarissa and Bella hugs and kisses from us (Jens and Dain too!) Love ya! Er


Cute pictures!

Deborama said...

So fun! Marinda goes to mutual now but she still calls it activity days! :) Clarrisa is so sweet, your such an amazing mother!

Megan said...

Fun times! I stole your live feed thing from your side. I also have a site meter on mine that shows similar info I just have to click on the link to see it.

Momma Mimi said...

Of course I remember you! Maria is in Ohio, but they are moving to Michigan this week, she does not have a blogg.
Dang! That would of been great to hook up while you were here! - But I was probably in Ut. hanging with your sis. Michy!
You and your family are beautiful! Your in Washington?