Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Peter dry packed candy 9 years ago to put in our family emergency food storage. We opened the cans Sunday night to see how well preserved they were. The Lemon Drops taste perfect as well as the fireballs and gumballs. The runts taste more like medicine. But all the other sugar candy stored wonderfully!

I was most impressed with the peanut M&M's and the granola bars. (I had forgotten about cinnamon granola bars in a red pkg. they were good!) I thought they would have become rancid from the nuts, but not so! The children thought everything tasted great and loved watching what type of candy came out of each can. The gumballs were fun with all of the colors.....so for future reference if you want to dry pack candy...gumballs brought great eye appeal for all and if we were in need of comfort food it would make everyone very happy.

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